Valuable Global Solutions Begin with Powerful Knowledge, Effective Expertise and Proven Strategies

The Global Housing Foundation was founded to provide an international solution for the need of workforce housing in specific locations throughout the world.  The organization provides access to state-of-the-art expertise in all areas related to workforce housing solutions.

The Principles of the Global Housing Foundation provide powerful recommendations, input and insight for workforce housing projects.  They have consulted with government and country leaders in Europe, Americas, Asia and Africa and consist of individuals with years of real estate, technology and development expertise.

Decent and Sustainable Workforce Housing is a Global Challenge

The Global Housing Foundation can provide insight on effective mechanisms and technologies, connections to the strongest industry leaders and provide recommendations for vital solutions which allow access to decent, clean and efficient workforce housing no matter where in the world the need may be required.   The Global Housing Foundation is a United Nations NGO Partner devoted to facilitating the provision of affordable housing in assisting the implementation of Part of the Habitat Agenda of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme and can provide access to expertise and resources focused on affordable workforce housing on a long-term basis.


For further information or to reach one of our consultants, please contact Global Housing Foundation Chairman Owen Gwyn by clicking here.