Our Projects

Flat Pack House

In partnership with Design Associates Architects the Global Housing Foundation is researching, designing, engineering, and will be developing and manufacturing, the Flat Pack House, a potential breakthrough in affordable housing and a first-principles shift in how we think about and approach housing problems.

Global Housing Network and Ambassadors

The Global Housing Network was formed in response to COVID-19 and aims to provide a unified digital front to tackle the global affordable housing crisis in an industry that lags behind in technology and digitalization.

We connect the housing community worldwide by hosting digital events, sharing and publicizing research and news, and creating data visualization tools. This approach allows us to simulataneously connect the fragmented community but also better inform the masses on the issues we face today.

In just the first few months of being live, we’ve hosted a myriad of diverse and talented backgrounds, and are expanding to accommodate a network of ambassadors to truly help us establish a global reach.

GHN was developed in collaboration with Design Associates Architects, Nightingale PR, and Doma Homes

Panama and the Developer Partnership Program

In partnership with the United Nations and in alliance with the Grupo Shahani, GHF completed homes for the working poor. This pilot project tested and successfully addressed three of the UN Habitat Directives (Initiatives):

– Creation of a public/private partnership in building homes
– Empowering women
– Creating workforce housing

One other unique element was that all families who received workforce housing had a family member with a disability.

Making a Difference for the Working Poor in Managua, Nicaragua

Global Housing Foundation’s initial project was in Managua, Nicaragua where new homes were funded and built by contributions from the real estate industry and members of FIABCI, the International Real Estate Federation