Why Get Involved

Local Benefits

  • Builds community spirit
  • Pride in working to own their own homes
  • Finances new homes accessible to the poorest purchaser
  • Establishes financing for the working poor
  • Creates structured work programs
  • Stimulates local workforce
  • Raises awareness of international poverty concerns
  • Helps stimulate economies of nations involved
  • Provides much better living conditions
  • Protects people from weathering conditions
  • Facilitates a secure environment

I remember one woman in particular. For me, she represents the power of a program like this. After her home was built and she’d finished painting. I passed by her house one day as we were inspecting some ongoing work. She invited us in for coffee, and she said the most extraordinary thing to me: ‘Thank you for giving me back my son.’ What did she mean? ‘Before,’ she told me, ‘my teenage son was too ashamed even to come back at night. He was sleeping in the park instead, missing school. When he saw we were getting this house, he came back to us. I have my son again.

René Frank